Spring is in the air

Image of Hoopoe

Spring is in the air and it’s time to start planning for the arrival of all the wildlife it will bring!

Seabirds are already arriving to stake their claim on a nest site, Basking Sharks will be here soon to take advantage of the plankton bloom when the temperature increases, Minke Whales and Common Dolphins with maybe a few Humpbacks will become more regular, Wheatears and Sand Martins are trickling through indicating the beginnings of the mass arrival of bird migrants that will come to breed here and pass through heading further north!

There will be scarce and rare birds too as some migrants such as Hoopoe, Woodchat Shrike, Red-rumped Swallow and Black-crowned Night Herons overshoot their European breeding grounds and turn up on our southern shores!

There will be no better place to witness some of this mega influx of wildlife than with Paul Connaughton and Niall Keogh from Shearwater Wildlife Tours on our Cape Clear weekends this spring.

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